Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wacom Wireless Intuous4

Hot news from Wacom :

The Wireless Intuous4 has been launched and will be available around mid March 2010.

The new Intuos4 Wireless professional pen tablet from Wacom comes with Bluetooth wireless technology allowing you to work unattached from a computer wherever you want in a room. The Wacom Intuos4 Wireless Pen Tablet will also fit into most laptop bags due to its medium size.

This highly-anticipated product featuring Bluetooth wireless technology which is ideal for digital content creators such as photographers, designers and artists who seek the freedom of wireless technology as well as the control and comfort benefits inherent in Wacom’s professional range of pen tablets.

The liberating experience of being able to move about the room and work unattached from a computer also makes the Intuos4 Wireless an excellent tool for use at a collaborative work session. In addition, the medium-sized Intuos4 Wireless fits easily into most computer laptop bags, offering an ideal input solution for mobile creative professionals.

By combining the successful Intuos4 pen tablet design with Bluetooth wireless technology Wacom is able to provide users with the flexibility and freedom to work in the most comfortable way for drawing, editing, painting, retouching or general computer work. The Intuos4 Wireless meets the intuitive nature and overall experience offered by the Intuos4 brand.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Which Wacom Graphic Tablet Should I choose?

Which Wacom Tablet should I choose?

You would like a Graphic Tablet but find it hard to decide which one.
In order to help you make this decision , we will give a quick review of the products:

The Bamboo line and the Wireless Pen Tablet : are recommended for less experienced users . It is mainly aimed at the home users looking to do some creative work . By using a tablet , you can get the degree of control which you would like , you get the feeling of drawing on paper as it gives you a kind of a natural feeling as if you “are doing the real thing”.

Bamboo tablets are great for creative activities, from sketching to scrapbooking to photo retouching. They also offer a unique opportunity to integrate handwriting with digitized documents

Intuos 4 :

Is ideal for students and for the more experienced users such as photographers, web-designers and artists.

The Intuous 4 is a graphic tablet which comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.

It allows you to maximize productivity, comfort, usability and control for every task.

• 2048 pressure levels - The pen now reacts to just a single gram of pressure.
• Touch ring and express keys : The Express keys are now sensibly grouped to one side .There are some new keys such as radial menu, info and Precision mode
• Can be used by both left and right handed users.
• The design effectively reduces physical stress and strain while the user is creating, designing, painting or editing with high-end software.
• Stylish design.
• No batteries to change. Pen and mouse are cordless and battery-free.
• Comes with a variety of nibs.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Intuos 4


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Wacom has once again re-invented the wheel with the new version of intuos 4.The new Wacom premium tablet is an appealing mix of hardware and software refinements. With a Sleek design , the tablet itself went through a major makeover. Its smart reversible design is for both right and left handed.

In order to apply with the wider HD format , with active areas of 16:10 aspect ratio intended to match the screen of modern cinema displays. It comes in 4 sizes: small, medium ,large and extra large .The Express keys are now sensibly grouped to one side .

There are some new keys such as radial menu, info and Precision mode.
Pressure Sensitivity: Is the reason people buy a tablet . The pen now reacts to just a single gram of pressure It now has 2048 levels of pressure in comparison to 1024 in Intuos 3.
Illuminated Display:With the new Led’s you can see exactly what’s programmed.The display updates instantly when you change applications.
Scroll Ring: lets you speed dial through zoom levels and brush sizes.The touch Ring can be programmed to zoom and scroll, change your brush size in photo shop, or as a scrubber wheel if you edit video.No more touch strips .
The Grip pen has also been redesigned . A rubberlike finish along the bottom half of the pen helps you keep a firm grip.It has been updated with new Tip sensor technology which enables you smoother, more precise strokes. It is ergonomic and comfortable.

Verdict:Put your old Intuos 3 on ebay or pass it on and buy an Intuos 4.
It feels like a pencil on paper and certainly is not as slippery as the intuos 3 ).
New users and experienced users will both fall in love with the product.

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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Erange Data Storage Solutions

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Welcome to erange- Data Storage Solutions.

- Who are we and what we do for our clients?

Here at erange we specialize in data storage solutions.

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Immediate quotations, delivery schedules and consultations are available at no charge and absolutely no obligation. We welcome your inquiries.

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- Our products are at the leading edge of the current and ever changing technology, produced by well established manufacturers.

- Our aim as a seller is to provide you with level of service great enough to match such high quality products.

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